As you’ve probably noticed from our brand name, our gig is everything performance. As a performance marketing agency, we are passionate about switching on your digital performance, focusing on two areas that permeate every aspect of our lives from the moment we are born; health and tech.

Many agencies start with ‘we are unique’! Are we unique? No, we offer online performance marketing from consultancy through implementation and calibration. While performance.io is an industry first specialist healthcare performance marketing agency, a number of agencies outside health can offer these services. What makes us all unique is our people and our values, and our product is a reflection of our performance.io people; current, relevant, passionate and effective. Read more.



In today’s fiercely contested online world, performance marketing is more important than ever. At performance.io, our expertise allows us to boost your conversions month-on-month and help drive informed decision making, focus resource and calibrate investment. Helping you to win in the online space, we’ll keep you current and relevant.



Performance, often considered at the end of a campaign, actually starts before the beginning. At performance.io, our SEO insights to infrastructure process lays the critical foundations for your campaigns to reach their full potential. Taking vast empirical audience behaviour data sets and distilling them to create the optimal ecosystem, from domain strategy through to structure and links, we ensure success.



Marketing hasn’t changed. It’s still about insights, implementation and analysis. But nowadays this can and should be real time. At performance.io we live in a world of permanent beta. From on-going SEO health checks, optimising PR and content recommendations we are continually driving improvements which are correlated against market share or sales increases. It’s a continuous loop and takes us back to performance.



Want to boost your brand’s performance? Discover your opportunities with our FREE 30 min. consultation (don’t worry, no further obligations involved)!



The ever-changing universe of digital performance can often seem intimidating and obscure. We are performance experts and tackle everything from SEO, to PPC, paid social and conversion rate optimisation. Our highly experienced technical team works with our content and communications team to balance all on-site and off-site elements and calibrate on-going engagement and conversions. We use a simple non-technical language with clients to ensure all core stakeholders (including medical, legal and regulatory in Pharma) feel involved and understand necessity. This ensures the foundations are in place for your brand and campaigns to thrive online.


Performance is often considered at the end of a campaign. But it starts at the outset. Our teams use a range of empirical research and software approaches to deliver insights that define the optimal architecture for growth, where to play, where to avoid and how to beat your competitors. To do this we offer the following:


Often our clients from cutting edge tech to big pharma, need support from strategy through to implementation.

  • Whether or not optimisation is needed, SEO and performance advice is critical for ALL partners from full stack developers, IT and other agencies.
  • We offer consultancy to ensure online performance is considered at every step by all key stakeholders.
  • Start with one month. We don’t want you to stay with us because you’re bound to long-term agreements, but because you love us.


Ensuring your domain authority is as high as possible ensures your brand sits on the top of organic search results across universal search.

  • We develop a primary and long tail keyword strategy to ensure your foundations for your online ecosystem (information architecture) are as strong as possible
  • We then augment this with off-site SEO and digital PR
  • Page 1 of Google isn’t an ambition – it’s a market entry requirement


Be there with the right message at the right time – at the right price. Buying traffic is one thing. Ensuring it’s relevant and converts is another.

  • Augment hero content
  • Drive awareness
  • Be disruptive with competitor releases


We’ve become more social, right. Is this a good thing? It should be, we grow by sharing stories and networking. But social is so much more. We help you use it effectively to reach and grow reliable communities and drive brand familiarity and brand loyalty.

  • Build and reach credible communities quickly
  • Connect with people with a genuine interest in your brand
  • Reach users in their natural habitat to foster effortless relationships


Measure your digital campaigns to make sure they are working for your business:

  • Drive increased conversions month on month
  • Increase market share on sales
  • Drive more leads for your business




  • James Crawford

    Head of Marketing and Retail, Bayer UK & Ireland

    As the landscape for engaging our audiences changes rapidly performance.io will help Bayer capitalise on the opportunities the online landscape affords us, driving improved performance and in turn delivering a better customer experience.

    James Crawford
  • Milind Kamkolkar

    Chief Digital Officer, Sanofi

    For me Matt and his team lead the way when it comes to calibrating online performance in Healthcare. From understanding how to best structure online content to driving conversions and leads, they have always set the bar. Alongside that his team are fun and they support us on our journey of digital transformation.

    Milind Kamkolkar
  • Mike Pritchett

    CEO, Shootsta

    Performance.io are not only helping us to ensure we maximise returns on our online campaigns but they are helping us shape a far better user experience, which is ultimately helping drive better returns for our brands.

    Mike Pritchett