Empowering Women in Tech: Perspectives from Christina & Madeline in our US team

Christina Marrone VP, Client Relations and Madeline Sim Senior Group Account Supervisor / March 28, 2024

This week we have spoken to Christina Marrone, our Vice President of Client Relations for North America, and Madeline Sim, our Senior Group Account Supervisor, both based in our US office. Christina brings invaluable expertise and leadership to our team, sharing her experiences of navigating the tech landscape as a woman and offering powerful tips for success. Madeline, with her extensive knowledge and dedication in the digital marketing industry, has carved out a prominent role for herself, offering invaluable advice for aspiring women as well.

Read this blog by Christina Marrone and Madeline Sim to learn more!

Christina: Can you share a bit about your journey into the tech industry and how you reached your current position? Have there been any challenges?

I started my career in pharma over 16 years ago working across different areas of the business within sales, leadership, business improvement, marketing strategy and operations and most recently digital marketing. I had first hand insight into some of the challenges within healthcare aligned to quality engagement with healthcare professionals and patients, and wanted to be a part of the solution, whilst aiding and leading the rapid growth in the US business here at performance-io. The passion for accountability to performance and ambition for shifting the paradigm in digital was contagious and a voyage I am proud to be a part of.
Challenges? Of course! So many… If you are truly stretching yourself, whatever stage of career you are in, there will and should be challenges to embrace and bridge gaps to. I believe this is where growth occurs and strong success can be generated.

Madeline: How did you initially become interested in working in digital marketing, and what motivated you to pursue your current role?

I actually accidentally fell into this position! I had been working with healthcare brands for a few years when a recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn to tell me about the role within the US team. As soon as I learned about the company, understood what they had to offer, and saw how passionate everyone was, I knew I wanted to work with performance.io! It definitely helps having a strong female leader who cares about her team too – which was apparent in my first conversation with Christina.

Christina: What advice would you give to young women who aspire to pursue leadership roles?

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable: Ask for feedback from a valued source – it actually can be more uncomfortable not knowing, as we can sometimes be our worst critics. Grow from it. Be authentic – you are in your position for a reason, a team is better with robust views and talents,  embrace them. Learn to comfortably say no – or you may risk doing a lot of things subpar and if you need help – ask, you would be surprised how many people will be open to assist.

Madeline: What have been some of the most rewarding aspects of your career so far and do you have any tips for others wanting to move in a similar direction?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been the relationships I’ve built along the way. From supportive colleagues to inspiring mentors, these connections have not only enriched my professional journey but have also provided invaluable guidance and encouragement from the very beginning.

My Advice:

  • Build relationships– In today’s virtual-first world, building connections is so important. Having a support system at work can provide invaluable guidance and encouragement during challenging times. As a young woman in the corporate world, navigating complex dynamics and expectations can be daunting. However, establishing meaningful connections with colleagues and stakeholders can help in building credibility and navigating professional challenges effectively.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no– Prioritizing your workload is essential for maintaining quality in your work. Learning to respectfully decline tasks when you already have a full workload ensures you can deliver your best. I have learned that setting boundaries is crucial for maintaining work-life balance and helping to avoid burnout.

Christina: As a mom of three yourself, what advice would you have for other parents on balancing work and family life?

Balance work and family? aka the unrealistic juggling match. I am not sure there will even be a perfect balance, in my experience the two have much influence on each other.  Instead of focusing on the perfect ratio I focus on trying to be present in each and strive for fulfillment. It is a work in progress, but I am grateful to work at a company that values family. If I am leaving my kids for work, I need to be sure it is for a good reason and I am making an impact. They are my motivation and to my surprise, they have a funny way of making me more resourceful, efficient, and decisive. My time is more prioritized and focused. To all my fellow parents out there – the struggle is real – give yourself some grace (always easier said than done).

Madeline: How do you perceive the integration of your role within the broader team dynamics, especially considering the diverse expertise and backgrounds within our company?

I find it incredibly rewarding to integrate my role within our team’s dynamics, especially considering our diverse expertise and backgrounds. Despite being spread across multiple time zones, our team collaborates seamlessly, acknowledging each other’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the best possible support for our clients. Personally, I see my role in digital marketing as a vital component of this collective effort, harmonizing with my colleagues’ talents to deliver exceptional results. It’s about more than just working together; it’s about understanding, respecting, and celebrating each other’s contributions. By listening, sharing insights, and embracing the diverse perspectives, we foster collaboration that propels us towards our shared goals and ensures our clients receive the best possible service.

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