Propels Global Reach, Sets Sail in Japan

Performance-io / February 29, 2024

Propels Global Reach, Sets Sail in Japan

In response to global demand and a number of major global client wins, the leading specialist SEO and performance marketing agency in pharma and healthcare,, proudly announces the expansion of its operations into Japan. In the rapidly evolving online healthcare landscape, SEO increasingly plays a critical role for pharma and healthcare companies in reaching broader audiences and driving cost savings across the omnichannel mix.

Creating optimised content based on customer intent and ensuring this content sits on well optimised platforms enhances visibility, builds credibility and trust among patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate information dissemination and compliance. A robust SEO strategy is essential for standing out, adapting to consumer behaviours, and providing a seamless online experience, which in turn drives competitive advantage for those companies who are enlightened enough to tap into the opportunity. recognises the healthcare and pharma industry are calling for better-performing content and more organic traffic, making SEO mastery indispensable for thriving in the dynamic online healthcare ecosystem.

With the Japan launch, warmly welcomes Ted Makiyi and Kay Shigemori as VP Japan and Senior Content Manager respectively. Ted joins having served in multiple senior roles Globally in agency marketing and communications, most recently as VP of Japan and China Operations for STEM Healthcare and Kay joins having completed her Doctor of Philosophy at Oxford, and having experience of working as a consultant in pharma regulatory affairs.

As a testament to the commitment to innovation and excellence, Matt Lowe, Founder and CEO of, expressed his excitement about this big milestone for the company. “For over 15 years I have been focused on helping pharma understand the value search engine optimisation has in creating a competitive advantage. For our clients globally who have been brave in moving away from ‘what has always been’, the results have been emphatic, driving exponential growth in customer engagement and showing the value SEO brings above the significant spend they plough into SEA (media). As interest in this area picks up, I am immensely excited about supporting our global clients with their projects in Japan and working with clients locally to help shape their online engagement strategies”.


Founded by Matt Lowe in 2017, PIO has the largest database on online performance in pharma and through its benchmarking platform, helps clients to identify, prioritise and implement solutions enabling them to drive exponential growth in touch points with customers and release material savings across the marketing communications mix. With offices in the US, Europe, Asia and India they work with 15 of the top 20 pharma companies, leading the way in solutions such as search engine optimisation (SEO), high performance content and SEO medical copywriting.

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