At, we are so much more than just a group of knowledgeable geeks thrown together. Not only is every one of the team here dedicated AF to what we do, but also to our planet, work 2.0, holistic health, giving back and – of course – having a good time. Keep on reading to find out what we love and what we believe in!

Giving back to the community: Our pro bono work

You can have the best thing in the world but what if you can’t get it to them.

– Founder of PeaceLove Foundation, Jeff Sparr

From the idea of launching a start-up, through all the failures and successes, it was always our ambition that when we made it to a critical mass, that we would choose a pro bono partner that enabled us to use our next level media and performance skills to help those who need support and give something back.

We were fortunate enough to find this partner in PeaceLove, who are using creativity and art to help mental wellness in schools, prisons and companies throughout the world. People talk about love at first sight. Well with them and us it was more like PeaceLove at first sight.

All members invest 4h/month in this amazing mental health charity to put their skills to good use. We love to make a difference, change the conversation in mental wellness and to #createpeaceofmind.

Green living for a better tomorrow

It is no secret that we as the human race are our mother Earth’s biggest enemy. We are the biggest threat to our future. Climate change is real. Be it travelling by plane, car rides, daily meat consumption or thoughtless use of water – many of our everyday habits contribute to our planet’s rapid decay. We know that each person can make a difference; together, we’ll start a green revolution! Here are some of the things we do to work towards a sustainable business:

Getting educated: We believe that it all starts with knowledge. Only if we are aware of the existing environmental shortcomings and know how to act on them, will we be able to have an impact. As a team, we dedicated an afternoon to watch the eye-opening documentary “Before the flood” (2016). Leonardo DiCaprio documented the devastating impact of climate change all across the world. He concludes that:

 The only thing that we CAN do is control what we do next. How we live our lives. What we consume. How we get involved. 

– Leonardo DiCaprio


Coworking: Sharing office spaces with lots of other cool companies and freelancers is not only fun, it also helps to counteract global warming. Since we’re sharing electricity usage and heating with others, we are using much less resources as if we had our own premises. Smart lighting and efficient buildings do the rest.

Offsetting travel: In an ideal world, we would avoid flying altogether. Since we run an international company across different continents, flying is however part of how we connect with people. So in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we offset our business flights. This means that after every flight, we’re investing money to counteract our air travel emissions. This money is then reinvested into forestry for example (which absorbs carbon elsewhere) or renewable energies.


Planting trees: Most likely you’ll know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses. But did you also know that one tree has the power to clear up to 13 pounds of carbon per year? That’s why we as a team decided to plant several trees every year. We think it’s a tree-mendous way to get active for our planet!

Cutting back on plastic: Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans, killing millions of marine animals annually. We believe that each and every one of us has a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives. Simple changes like getting a reusable cup for your daily coffee can make a big difference. That’s why we as a team are working hard to reduce our daily plastic waste. Check out these eye-opening facts and possible solutions to plastic in our oceans and get involved in the great work Surfers against sewage are doing to protect our coastlines.

Holistic health: Feel good, look good, do good.

We believe that if you maintain both physical health and mental wellbeing, you will be ready to do amazing things. So we foster our team’s holistic health and therefore productivity in many different ways:


Meditation: In our offices’ hustling and bustling cities and the fast-paced working environment, we make a conscious choice to diarise regular time outs. We love meditation to treat our minds to an imaginary hammock and practice mindfulness. Our tip: Ever tried the Headspace app for guided meditation? If not, you should definitely check it out – you’ll be surprised how much clarity and energy a few minutes of downtime can bring.


Physical Activities: Sport does not only maintain a healthy body, but also keeps you sharp mentally. It helps us look good and feel good. We love for example yoga or HIIT trainings during our lunch breaks. Also, we started tracking our steps with Apple watches. If we attain weekly physical activity goals, we can look forward to a whole range of incentives funded by our healthcare provider!


Creative things: We are created to create. Allowing our imagination to come to life has something extremely satisfying that soothes the soul. Be it painting, photography, music or simply designing an engaging PowerPoint presentation – we believe that anyone carries creative energy in them!


Little getaways: Travelling helps to see the bigger picture and get fresh focus. Our last yearly planning session took place in a cosy chalet in the French Alps. And while we were at it, we combined the trip with some downhill skiing and snowboarding.


Our monthly veggie week: Doing good for the animals, the planet & us

Our team consists of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians (a.k.a. part-time veggies). We realise the immense negative impact the rampant consumption of meat and animal products has on our health, the Earth and of course the animals. We like to question the status quo. So we dedicate one week every month in which the entire team goes veggie and make every Tuesday a vegan Tuesday. We explore plant-based restaurants, share recipe ideas and motivate each other to keep going strong.

Tip: Do you already know the charity Veganuary, who inspires people to try vegan for January? They send out daily eye-opening stats and facts, delicious recipes, tips on where to eat out and everything that makes the transition smoother. Veganuary was actually the reason that made some of us rethink our meal and lifestyle choices, so we can only recommend trying it for yourself!

Diversity trumps ability is truly defined by the people we are. To offer a great product, one of the key pillars we build on is diversity. We make it a point to merge different cultures, educational backgrounds, genders, expertise, experience levels and personalities – it’s how we create a powerful synergy to make things happen. Great ideas can come from everyone. We leave the dusty hierarchies at the door and make every voice count. We know creativity can’t be dictated; it has to be cultivated.


Flexible coworking – The smart way of working in 2019

We chose the coworking space WeWork as our home base. Surrounded by other passionate creators, pioneers and innovators, it’s the perfect environment for us to thrive. We believe it’s how smart, contemporary work looks like in 2019. But it’s not only about us – our clients get to profit from it, too! Rest assured when you partner with us, you won’t be paying overhead for big office spaces in London. Coworking enables us to save on the office rent, scale up and down as needed and find top talent quickly. Our clients love coming here for meetings. If you’re up for some amazing views over London’s landmarks combined with some A1 insights on how to level up your brand’s performance, we highly recommend a visit!