performance.io x Shootsta on-demand webinar

Pre-COVID-19, the world of healthcare – including pharmaceuticals – could be seen as slow-moving, risk-averse and shackled by red tape. But in these rapidly-changing times, one thing is clear: businesses must pivot or perish. So when “93% of online experiences begin with a search engine” (Search Engine Journal), the question becomes… Is your organisation ready? WHEN will healthcare prioritise digital transformation in this marketing new world order? 


Matt Lowe, CEO @ performance.io

Join our CEO Matt Lowe and Shootsta VP of EMEA Bazz Deans, as they discuss how content like video is transforming healthcare – and how you can leverage data-driven insights to inform your digital marketing strategy. The 1-hour webinar also features guest speakers Harvey Neve, Head of Digital Transformation at Public Health England and Malik Akhtar, VP of Marketing Procurement at Bayer. 

Key discussion points:

  • How digital transformation is manifesting in healthcare
  • What content brands are creating
  • How to use data-driven insights to inform your marketing

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About Shootsta

Shootsta is the world’s first subscription-based video production platform. They’ve disrupted the video industry with their scalable video solution – comprising a purpose-built Shootsta Kit, creative training, cloud-based Shootsta Hub and professional editing – enabling brands everywhere to create high-quality, cost-effective videos, ready to share in 24 hours. Shootsta: video simplified.

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